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Your Magic Wand

Video Transcript:

Hello and thanks for joining me today. Today I want to talk about your magic wand, your cock, your penis, your, I don’t know, I think there’s another hundred names for for your cock, and typically we just look at it, it’s made for peeing out of, and it’s also made for sexual pleasure, and it kind of does those two functions, have a very functional state.

But did you know that your cock holds the power for total total magic, it holds the power for your complete transformation, your complete opening, your complete, like life your complete freedom?

Yeah it is all up down there. So, in my previous video, I talked to you about the feminine energy, and I was talking about how it’s very important to be able to be receptive to be letting go, to be to be experiencing, and once you’ve got that one, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna publish this one after that one.

Once you’ve got that under your belt, in Tantra, we believe that your cock is the home of your masculine energy and that the masculine sits inside, or and distressed sand side of the feminine; so the feminine is receptive, is holding, it’s experiencing; and the masculine energy sits in that, and it’s about power, it’s about pushing.

So where is that, the feminine is all about receiving; okay the masculine is all about the pushing, okay; it’s all about the drive, it’s all about power, so when you look at it from a chakra perspective, you’ve got your base chakra, which is your core sexual rah, okay ruah it’s like the wolf, it’s like the rare, it’s like, it’s like your power and your, your push in the world and then if you come up and you look at sort of like the SONA play, that’s all about you and who you are, it’s about your power it’s about your drive, it’s about your ability to achieve your dreams and then to speak your dreams.

So the masculine is also your communication center. Communication is an outward thing, is that you’re communicating your message outwards and then the seventh chakra is all about spirituality and about connecting with, with the divine, connecting and as I said before in my previous video, the feminine kind of weaves along alongside of that.

And so for me the cock is a representation of that masculine energy, and I sometimes wonder whether it gets the whether it gets the, the, the recognition of how powerful that can be in your life.

Now in my next video, I’m going to talk about Tantric edging, okay, and give you some practices to do on that, but what I want you to consider in this video is that your sexual energy is really really powerful; and I know for myself, if I choose to activate, engage, masturbate, jerk off, wank, if I choose to raise my sexual energy, what hand, and I make the choice, choice not to come, what I find is that I can enter into a slightly different field of consciousness, I can, I find in the world, I’m about to see I’ve got more energy, I’ve got more, just more, drive and I’ve got more energy and power to push.

But it’s not just that, you see, your cock can, you know, if you kind of get into this edging thing, as so much, I’m gonna talk about in the next video, if you kind of get into the ability of using that energy to navigate your life, to push, to drive, to go and actually if you can take, that up okay if you can take that up higher there’s what I call the seeds of consciousness that are at the top and your sexual energy down here is the vehicle to do that.

And so what Tantra can do for you, what Tantra can show you, is how to take that cock energy, to take that raw sexual energy, and be the master of it, master your sexual energy so that you can use it in ways that truly serve you and truly serve your life and truly serve your purpose for being here on planet Earth.

So today I just wanted to talk a little bit around, like, did you know who your cock, is is is is is is, there’s a mastery around the cock and being able to use your sexual energy in ways that completely enable you captivate you, take you, okay, so yeah, some ideas; so next time you’re having a pee, or next time you’re pleasuring yourself, or someone else is pleasuring you, have a think about your relationship with your cock; what is your relationship with your cock, what is your relationship with your masculine energy. Some really good ideas there.

Okay, love and blessings to you and them. I’ll, there will be more from me soon. Take care; thank you; bye bye.

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