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Will’s Morning Meditation

Video Transcript:

Hello there and thanks for joining me this week. And this week I’ve got something totally amazing for you. You’re gonna love this.

So there I was chatting to my friend Will in San Francisco, who’s a teacher that’s coming to the Tantra Love Festival in New York this summer. And we were talking about different things, and he said, “hey I’ve got this morning Tantric meditation that I do.” And I was all “Okay, so tell me a bit more.”

So he went through all the different steps, and I was just like, “Wow that is incredible,” and I begged him to record it in a video so that I could share it with you. And here it is. This is Will’s morning meditation. Enjoy.

Hi. My name is Will. I’m a bodyworker and student and teacher of Tantra here in San Francisco, and I’m also a friend of Jason Tantra’s, and today he’s asked me to talk about my morning masturbation meditation. That’s right.

So the way I came up with this idea was after attending several workshops and seminars that were torture based and we were encouraged to come up with our own daily erotic ritual in order to spark our sexual energy, warm up our bodies, and greet the day feeling virile and alive.

So here we go. This is how I start my day every morning. So first off, right as you’re waking up, greet your own body as if you were lovers, get yourself some nice hugs, maybe a kiss or two, and just sort of savor the feeling of being in your covers, in your bed.

Next, find something in your immediate vicinity to appreciate, whether it’s your mattress, for me a lot of times it’s my flannel sheets which are so cozy, the coolness of the air in the room, the smells, even something on your body – the hair on your chest muscles, maybe something on you is feeling particularly good. But find that thing to appreciate and take ten deep breaths feeling that appreciation and love.

Next sit up out of bed and drink a big glass of water that you have waiting for you, we’ve all been told to start the day with a big glass of water so there you go. After that, hop up outta bed and begin strolling around your room slowly, breathing, moving your body, maybe dancing a little bit, but just sort of getting some fluid in the joints and waking up those muscles.

After that, I learned this from Jason, I want you to shake your entire body – start with one arm, let it resonate over to the other arm, shake your head up, shoulders, chest, hips, legs, and then get your entire body shaking from head to toe. This is quite enlivening and you’ll feel some tingles going out all through.

After that I encourage you to stretch your entire body from head to toe, if you don’t know a lot about stretching that’s fine. Just once you move to that body part move that body part, whether it’s your head, your shoulders, through your elbows, through your waist and core. If you’re more familiar with stretching, you know, do a specific neck stretch, do a specific chest and shoulder stretches, stretch those triceps; if you’re familiar with yoga do a Cat Cow, do a Cobra, go into Child’s Pose, warm up that back, go into Downward Dog. You don’t need to hold these stretches for a long time, it’s just a scan over your body and moving and getting it fluid. Hit the position and move on.

Next I’d like you to come over to the mirror and do some eye gazing with yourself, feel a sense of appreciation and love for yourself. And begin with some pelvic tilts, rolling your pelvis, thrusting your pelvis forward and back and really loosening up the muscles and bones around the hips. Follow that with gentle strokes from head to toe, just fingertip touches stroking down your body, feeling your hair. These aren’t very penetrating, just the skin. After that we’re gonna do a massage stroke, called tapotement, and that’s just tapping – you can tap with your fingertips, with your knuckles, even slapping with your palms. This is a little deeper and a little more penetrating, a little bit through the muscles.

And we’re gonna follow that with squeezes, massage yourself, find some points in your body that might need a little TLC and hang out there, but again you’re just kind of going over your whole body with some nice massaging squeezes. At this point I would like you to add some sound to your breath, so we’re still breathing very deeply but now it’s an again deep breath. Breath and sound and movement are the three main principles of a torchic experience.

Alright, so after you’ve woken up your body and touched yourself from head to toe in a variety of ways, now the fun part. Let’s get down to our cocks. So first with dry hands I would like for you to stretch, maybe a little pulling here and there, loosen up that ball sack, maybe a little bit of slapping your cock against your leg or your belly, waking it up. Then grab your favorite lubricant, I like to use massage lotion, and begin massaging your cock, give it some nice deep penetrating strokes, but don’t go right to your favorite stroke, try some new things, a little bit of a variety here goes a long way. Walk around the room, maybe get in some positions that aren’t your normal go to position and hang out there a little bit. Try to find some comfort in an area that you might not go to in a sexual situation.

So after that find your go-to position, mine is flat on my back with legs open, breathing, opening up my body, relaxing, while playing with my cock. The other hand can also be very useful as it’s spreading your sexual energy around your body along with your breath, so make sure you’re using both hands. Use your eyes to look and appreciate your body, and again that breath is helping you charge and spread that energy, allow yourself to come to a very high level of arousal but try not to go over the edge unless you are somebody who is multi-orgasmic and can have those non ejaculatory orgasms, a few of those are, great, that’ll help charge that energy. But again if that’s not available to you, just reach a real high point of arousal a few times, spread that energy around and that’ll be enough as far as that charge goes.

I like to end my sessions with a modified big draw. A big draw is a sexually charging rough work exercise that helps lock in that sexual energy and circulate it around your body. So what you do is take 15 to 20 charging breaths like so, and at this time I’m still stimulating myself. And at the end of those 15 or 20 breaths you’re gonna hold your breath, hold it taking more breath, and hold it. Squeeze your entire body from head to toe, even your face, especially the muscles around your pelvic floor. Hold, hold, hold, hold, and then release. The modification here is as soon as you release, keep your breath deep and begin stroking and moving your body again. Alright and that wraps it up.

After that you’re ready to start your day. I do want to encourage you all to make it your own, if there’s things you like to do in the morning like anoint your body with coconut oil, do some exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, whatever that might be, I encourage you to make it your own. Thanks guys.

Feel free to like and comment. I appreciate it and have a wonderful rest of your day. And try this first thing tomorrow morning.

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