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Social Tantra

On our courses and special events, you will share some very deep and personal experiences with a like-minded group of gay, bi or trans men. Like you, they have come to Tantra for a whole variety of different reasons, maybe developing spiritually, maybe to gain a greater understanding of themselves, to experience their sexuality in a different way, or even to meet and build friendships like-minded men in love, intimacy, and connection.

At Tantra4GayMen we actively encourage and provide online mechanisms for you to stay in touch with each other as a group and also with the wider Tantra4GayMen community. In our courses and events, we encourage you to spend time together, to share your experiences, to build trust and intimacy with each other. Time is given to explore your experiences as a group together. Maybe after you have attended a course or special event you may choose to get together to continue your tantric practice in your everyday life. Taking the techniques and practices and sharing them together.

At Tantra4GayMen we believe that Tantra is a chosen way of living and experiencing life. It is not just about the practices but also the people you choose to share that with. Having access to a gay, bi or trans tantric community can create infinite possibilities for you. Some events we may offer can be more social rather than a learning environment and we aim to offer a range of different ways to share a being in your tantric way of being.

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