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What kind of people attend your courses?

Tantra means different things to different people. The motivations of the attendees coming to our courses are as varied as people are. Some guys attend our courses because they feel limited in their day to day life and want to explore alternative forms of being intimate with other men. Others come to explore and develop their spiritual part, to proceed in their way of self-development, or perhaps because they’re looking for a supporting context in which they can explore different aspects of their personality and sexuality. Many also love the kick of experiencing something new, exciting and unknown. Given all of these motivations, we are used to welcoming a very wide variety of guys in our courses. We have had participants from the age of 18 to over 70, although usually the majority of men in our courses are between 30 and 55. Social and professional backgrounds of attendees also vary widely, and we like it very much to bring together people with different experiences of life to share. To sum it up, we cannot put it better than one of our participants put it: “At my first course, one of my biggest fears was to find myself alone among weird freaky people, but actually, everyone was surprisingly normal to me.”

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