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Liability & Responsibility

T4GM can not offer any liability to you for any part of the services it offers. Each venue T4GM uses has its own public liability insurance and any claims regarding the venue should be directed to the venue owner/manager. It is your duty to ensure your own personal safety. No liability or responsibility can be taken by T4GM for you. You will need to ensure you are mentally, physically and emotionally able to engage in the course programme. If you have any concerns you are responsible for your own duty of care to yourself and as such should seek appropriate advice before undertaking any course.

STI’s (Sexually Transmitted infections) – It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not have any STI’s (e.g. Herpes) that can be transmitted to another person. If you suspect that you have any symptoms at all, it is your responsibility to ensure you are cleared by a medical physician that you are non-transmissible to others. If you notice that you or another participant has any STI symptoms, it is your responsibility to alert the facilitator immediately. Even with our abundance of care in our safe sex guidelines and availability of protective items (i.e. gloves and anti-bacterial gel), we (T4GM) cannot be responsible of liable for any transmission of STI’s or anything that is transmissible to others.

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