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I am interested in what you do, but actually I am not religious nor into spirituality. Is Tantra the right thing for me?

Tantra4gaymen does not conform to any religious or spiritual group or sect. We do not subscribe to a religion, but to individuality, spiritual experience and diversity. Even we, your teachers, hold very divergent beliefs, from spiritual new age orientated to scientific scepticism. Therefore you not need any spiritual or religious convictions for Tantra to be relevant for you. The exercises we teach are partly issued from various spiritual traditions, partly from psychotherapy. During some of the exercises, namely the more advanced ones, people frequently have ecstatic experiences, in the sense that they feel a connection to something that they describe in terms of “bigger than myself”, “transcendent” or “cosmic”. These experiences are one of the most wonderful rewards of long-term tantric practice. You are free to interpret them however you want, this is individual to each person and we generally prefer to let these experiences be what they are, in their individual experience, diversity and stunning beauty.

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