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I am a bit nervous and coming on my own, what do you suggest?

About 90% of men that attend come on their own. Many of those have partners back at home, and some don’t. And of those coming on their own, about half of them are brand new, and will be nervous like you. And they will also be wanting to make new friends and to share with you. We create a unique environment of fun, love and celebration.

The TantraLove Festival celebrates love, relaxation and fun in a variety of ways.

We have created the programme in a way that enables you to meet as many persons and to create new relationships of friendship and in all ways that fills your heart. Typically any nervousness is all gone by the end of the 1st night. Everyone is in the same boat as you. Having a sense of adventure, of letting go into what’s happening and feeling able to navigate ourself, expressing your Yes’s as well as your No’s and you are going to have a great great time.

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