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What does a typical day look like in a Diploma week?

Our days start with Morning Meditation at 8am, where we teach you various meditation techniques to help you experience deeper Tantric states. Afterward, we provide a healthy breakfast to fuel you for the day. Following breakfast, we offer a Tantric Lecture that explores the themes of the Diploma week, aiming to enhance your understanding and provoke thoughtful reflection. After a coffee break, we have a Spiritual Enquiry Session, providing you with the opportunity to reflect on your Tantra sessions and receive guidance on personal growth. Lunch is followed by quiet time for personal reflection and relaxation in nature.

In the afternoon, we have our first Tantra Training Session, which includes hands-on Tantra exercises, Tantric massages, meditations, group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work. We then enjoy a leisurely dinner together, transitioning from the productive work of the day to a more relaxed and celebratory atmosphere.

After dinner, we engage in Evening Tantra Rituals, using the techniques and insights learned throughout the day. These rituals are both nurturing and ecstatic, serving as true celebrations of Tantra and self-discovery. The rituals typically end around 10.30pm, after which you have free time to relax under the stars, soak in the hot tub or sauna, gather around the fire, or engage in any other activities that interest you.

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