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Can I bring my partner? And if I come alone: Will I be made to do intimate exercises with persons I don’t like?

You are welcome to attend our courses with or without your partner and in all of our workshops you are free to choose to be fluid within the group, or to choose only to do tantric practices together. Each option you choose is fine and we have no expectation from you. The majority of our participants that is more than 90% choose to come to our workshops as singles. There are many partnered exercises, some less and some more intimate. These are usually a fun way to get in touch with the other guys. We encourage a fully integrated group that means all group participants work together and move through any issues of judgements about themselves or other group members. However we appreciate for a whole range of reasons it may feel difficult and challenging to work with some group members. This will be handled sensitively and your No means No. You maybe invited to challenge this resistance for your personal development but again will not be coerced into doing anything you feel uncomfortable with.

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