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Tips for Your Best Orgasm

Video Transcript:

So Tantra has all of this excitement and interest about it around full body orgasms, ecstasy, bliss, passion and all of these things. One of the common questions I get asked is: ‘Jason, what are your tips for the best orgasm ever’ and I’m going to share those with you right now.

Point number 1, when you’re in your sexual energy, whether that’s on your own or with another person, or persons, my first top tip for your best orgasm is to breathe. Often in sex we forget to breathe, just as you’re in your sexual pleasure, as you’re breathing I kind of want you to visualise that this energy is expanding through your whole body, it’s like ‘oooooooh, aaaaaaaaaah’.

And the second tip there is about sound. So as you’re breathing and you’re visualising that sexual energy expanding from your genitals allover your body the next top tip is to make sound and to really make that ‘aaaaaah’ sound. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a sexual interaction with somebody and you kind of wonder whether they’re enjoying it, they are kind of lying there like a dead kipper and you’re like ‘are you still there, are you still alive, are you with me?’. Sometimes if they ejaculate you might ask ‘did you just come’ and you didn’t know what was going on. For me, making breath, visualising your sexual energy expanding and making sound are some of the top tips for having the best orgasm.

Some other things I would offer you is to also take your time. Typically men’s arousal state is 15 minutes, so from the start of arousal through to ejaculation or coming, it’s actually 15 minutes and the body itself doesn’t really have the time to really enter into its ecstatic corridor within 15 minutes, it takes a lot longer. So my tip for the best orgasm ever is to keep taking yourself to the edge, and just before you’re going to come, stop and visualise it, breathing it all over your body and allow yourself to cool down for a minute, then go back in again. And you’re making sounds and you’re breathing and really allow yourself into the erotic energy, really allow yourself to be fully present with the erotic energy that’s going on, really take part, really be there. Then take yourself to that edge, and again, for as long as you can and what can happen is it can feel like your sexual energy is like your whole body becomes your cock and just touching different bits of your body can feel wildly ecstatic. As you brush your fingers over your nipples, your inner thighs, as you kind of bring breath and sound and maybe stimulate your cock a bit more and brush your legs, you’re sort of starting to bring these together, to widen what I call your ecstatic or your arousal energy, your ecstatic body, your arousal energy.

So let me just summarise that for you, my top tips for your best orgasm: breathe, visualise the sexual energy expanding through your body, make sound and take time, take lots of time to really really enjoy and be fully present, be fully awake with what’s going on. Have a go, have a practice, see how you get on and I’d be interested in how that goes for you. Thank you.

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