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The Energetic Map of Tantra

Video Transcript:

Hello there, Jason here. And welcome to my talk today all about energy. And I’m not talking about electricity, when you plug the kettle in. I’m talking about energy, energies that basically are the building blocks of our universe and of us as human beings. And the way I want to talk about energies today is to describe the different types of energies that we work with in tantra that are more than probably what we know, although many of you are going to have experiences of those. But also to kind of start to give a map or a reference or a framing point of these different energies that we talk about.

Now, for me as a male, I certainly am aware of my sexual energy. And sexual energy is all down in the genital area, in the pelvis. And for me, it’s one of the building blocks of life. I think as humans, we use a lot of that sexual energy, not just to have sex, but there’s also a power to it. There’s also the ability, for me, sexual energy is the ability to manifest things on planet earth. It can be about taking spiritual energy through right the way down to your sexual energy that gives you power, gives you drive, gives you force, and it enables you to ground and experience this experience of being human.

Now, for me, as I’ve talked about in many other videos, when we think about orgasm and that moment of nothingness when you come, there’s for me in there a real truth about who we really are. And for me, sexual energy is taking you on a journey that you can be the truth of who you are beyond your mind, beyond your ego, beyond that illusion that we’re all given of who we think that we are.

But if I was to tell you that your sexual energy is such a small part of who you are, that there’s a much bigger divine plan or divine experience of yourself that 99% of people will never experience in their life. You see the relationship between our sexual energy and the relationship between our experience in day to day are actually quite often in parallel. Most people are having sex to reproduce, because they’re horny, because it gives bonds in relationships, committed relationships, and also can be used in ways of having intimacy with other people.

And tantra loves all of those things. But actually from a tantric perspective, there’s another invitation of how you can understand, discover, and learn about your sexual energy in a way that you can start to steer your own ship. Or another way of exploring that is that you can let go of who you think you are as an identity, as an ego, as a person, and have an understanding or an awareness of the greater propensity or the greater possibility, thank you. The greater possibility of who you are.

And in tantra, teaching men who love men, sexual energy is the easy go-to. If you say to people, “Would you like to learn how to become multi-orgasmic?” That’s a really easy go-to. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to do that? And I think in the early part of the tantric journey, people often, I guess, get confused by the idea of all the sex. It’s juicy. It’s exciting. There’s a group of men there. They’re engaged. They’re intimate. What’s not to love? Who wouldn’t want to go and be part of that? But actually that’s only a very small part of the whole array that’s in front of you.

For me, another idea that I want to put on the table is you are the universe. Everything you see that Hubble telescope brought to us is in you as it is out there. They’re one and the same thing. And when you look at ideas of quantum physics and the way that that scientists are discovering how energy and atoms work, they’re beginning to put another form of evidence to what the mystics and the spiritualists and the Buddhists have known for millennia.

And so the idea of sexual energy, people perceive that that’s probably one of the only energies that is available. And I’m going to talk about some of the other energies in a moment. But there’s something about sexual energy. It’s intensity, it’s pleasure, it’s joy, it’s expansion. Sexual energy expands you. It enables you to grow, to get wider, to move even more broadly to reach beyond your physical body.

When you’re aligned with these different energies that I’m talking about, there’s an expansion of who you are or how you understand yourself that is beyond, as I said, what 99% of people are experiencing themselves as humans.

Now, why is this important? Well, there’s things about awakening. And what I mean by awakening is waking up, wishing that what you thought was life, that there’s something more to it, or a dissatisfaction with life, knowing that there’s something more to it. And for me, when we choose to move out of the addictive patterns of the way that we express our sexual energy, like, “I’ve got to cum.” There’s nothing wrong with cumming. How can anything that feels so good, be so bad? But there’s like a small cycle: “Horny, get off, shoot load, game over, horny, sexual excitement, cum, game over.” And there’s just this small wheel of moving round when actually there’s a much larger possibility that is quite literally universal. Universal possibility. And it starts all the way down there in your genitals, in your cock, in that stimulation. And once you have the awareness of going beyond the physiological, “I’m going to cum,” the mastery is around having a sense of knowing and a sense of expansion that gives you more information about who you really are. So, that’s sexual energy.

The other energy I want to talk about is a much more sensual, ecstatic energy. So, not only in tantra do we work with sexual energy, but there’s also this ecstatic energy. Ecstasy that can feel like a tingling, pins and needles. And for me, this energy, the way that we wake that up, is through some certain meditative techniques and some breath and some sound. And some really, when I say meditative techniques, starting to truly listen to the sensations that are in the body and to start expressing them, to start being them, to start moving in and breaking through. If you’ve ever seen a ship break through ice, if you imagine the ice is your conditioned self, your conditioned experience of sex, your conditioned self around relationship, around how life can be. From a certain perspective, there’s a waking up where you realize that you’re a horse with the blinkers on and that you’ve been living a very narrow possibility of who you are.

And for me, one of the possibilities in life, as part of consciousness, I’m one-seven billionth of a human. I’m here in a human body as consciousness, trying to understand itself from this unique perspective of Jason. Then as the ship is breaking through the ice, the ship is the fingers running along your body. It’s the part that is waking up the sensations in your body. And as you wake up, as you express, as you make sound, there’s like the ice is being broken because it breaks the conditioning that you’ve been living and invites you into a much wider expansion and a much wider freedom and a much wider sense of knowing who you really are. And as I said, you get to that point where you realize that you’ve been like the horse with the blinkers. Just going on a certain narrow path, you and seven billion other people.

For me, one of the biggest, I don’t want to say issues, but I can’t find a better word. The biggest issues of humanity isn’t … Well, I think climate change is definitely there. But alongside that is the limitation of who we think we are. I think as humans, we carry a very big definition of who we think we are that is blinkered and narrow, and there is such a greater, wider possibility. And tantra offers you that possibility to feel that as an embodied experience of knowing the expansiveness and the possibility of who you are in this human existence.

And again, I’ve referenced in previous talks, if you’ve ever had that time where you’ve been jerking off, masturbating, self-pleasuring, games over in 10 seconds, and you’re like, “That didn’t even touch the side.” And yet in comparison, if you ever had those times where there’s an energy, there’s a lovemaking, there’s an opening, there’s an expansion, there’s a meeting. Maybe you’re with another person and there’s something that’s beyond just having sex and just making love. And these are gateways and portals into knowing the possibility of the truth of who you are beyond that blinkered narrow definition of what humanity is with.

So, the ecstatic energy that I talk about is a beautiful energy that reminds you of your body as ecstasy. And actually what only gets in the way, the truth is that every single moment is ecstatic. Really. And how do we know that? Because when you listen to meditators that have taken all of the thoughts out of their mind, what they’re left with is bliss, which is another vibration and an ecstasy. Every single moment is ecstasy. The universe is in a perpetual cycle of orgasm. Seriously. It’s still shooting through space. The ejaculation of the universe is still happening. That’s still going on. And it’s like we get numbed out and anesthetized. At this time of recording to you, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and having to stay in, locked in our houses, there’s a numbing, there’s a bringing it down.

And as humans, we’re struggling with that. And so these two different energies, I’m going to talk about a couple more in a moment, are waking you up to a greater truth of who you are. Reminding you of who you are. And yes, just that truth of that. The other vibration, the other energy I want to bring you is love. For me, the universe isn’t just an orgasm. It’s still an orgasm. But it’s also love. That ability to step beyond the judgmental mind of yourself and of others and receive everything from the vibration of love, again, is an opening to a divine portal of truth, of who we really are. And actually the only thing that stops us being love is our judgments, is the mind that assesses. But the thing is we’re in a time where we’ve given such value to the mind, such value to thinking, such value to judgments, that for me I don’t know what to do with that because it’s that’s not a world I understand or believe in fully. That isn’t the truth.

And yet there’s something about the quality of love, the generosity of the heart, that actually goes beyond the mind and is opening and inviting and freeing and there’s such a truth in that love in that holding, in that being, that for me is just everything that is possible as a human being.

The last bit I’m going to talk about in this video is then the spiritual energy. Actually the last two bits. The next one I’m going to talk about is the spiritual energy and being able to attune to that that’s the universe, and to open up your system, open up your energy, open up your awareness, that that is out there as well. This huge spiritual energy that, again, is a higher vibration. Like ecstatic, energy, sexual energy, heart energy, spiritual energy, bliss energy, all these different energies are like universal notes on a piano of who we really are.

And as you’re listening to this, I’m hoping that you’re getting a sense of the expansive possibility of yourself as a being or a soul. You’ve heard people say, “Oh, I’m a soul in a human body, I’m in a being-ness.” So this spiritual energy, this is what the Reiki, masters, spiritual healers are using in terms of being able to bring that that’s beyond the body into the human experience. And when you start to mix these together, then there’s another quantum leap of possibility. And I know that in my residentials programs that Ingo and I have taught over the years, there’s certain tantric rituals where we basically take that up another notch on top and we open this divine possibility of bliss and bliss for me is the ultimate truth of the universe. It’s consciousness itself.

It’s a truth that’s beyond even all of those things I’ve talked about. And when you feel that in your body, when you that experience, there’s never any going back. There’s an understanding and a knowing of that divine possibility to have an embodied experience of bliss that 99% of people will never experience. Why? Because they’re still living this one track. And the fact that you’re listening to this talks about that possibility of opening up to that divine possibility of bliss.

I’m going to talk about this some more in other videos. But what I wanted to talk about tonight was just to start giving you a map, a reference of the different energies that we’re working with in tantra. So, I hope that’s been helpful. I hope you’ve enjoyed that and I look forward to hearing your comments and being with you. Okay, take care. Thank you. Nice to be with you. Bye bye.

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