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Tantric Meditation: Bliss

Video Transcript:

Hello there I’m Jason Tantra and this time I want you to join me in a Tantric meditation which I call sitting in bliss, and it’s a really really simple meditation but it can have really really profound results so I really hope you enjoy this.

Play this video when you’re at home, maybe it’s quiet, you’re wanting something to do and if you’re feeling a bit unsettled or a bit stressed this is perfect for you if you’re feeling a bit wired there’s lots going on it feels all a bit crazy again this is a really really good meditation for you.

Now just before I start on this, people sometimes get confused thinking Tantra is all about sex and sexual energy and actually for me in Tantra we have three different types of energy we have your sexual energy, we have your heart energy, and we have your spiritual energy, and it’s these three energies that means that create an opening to ecstasy and on top of ecstasy is this thing that I call bliss which for me is a doorway into the enlightenment, is a doorway into being fully realized.

So if a stressful day has been a bit crazy you may feel wired inside, sometimes I get really wired and stressed and it’s like oh crap, so this meditation is a beautiful thing to kind of bring you down and you might want to put some light very slow melodic music in the background to help you with that. So basically you close your eyes, just sit there very very quiet, maybe have a little bit of a body shake and then what I want you to do is I want you to imagine that you’re looking at the top of your head on a starry starry night.

This meditation is going to take about five minutes by the way, so you’re looking out of your breath, you’re looking at the top of your head to a starry starry night, and I don’t if you’ve ever looked out at the sky at night and seen all the different stars that are out there but as you’re doing that it feels like one star shines more brightly than the rest and as you bring your attention to that it’s like a stage spotlight, it kind of beams on the top of your head and some of you that are sensitive to energy may actually feel this it can feel like a stage spotlight like the warmth and if you’ve ever stood underneath the white stage spotlight it’s kind of got that heat intensity to it and it’s kind of got that pureness that whiteness.

Now we believe with energy that energy follows thoughts so if you’re thinking it’s happening it is happening so what you do is you just like taking a breath and as you’re doing it you’re imagining this white energy coming down over the crown of your head and then you’re taking in another breath and it’s coming down over your eyes your nose your ears your taking in another breath it’s going down over your lips and your throats the back of your neck over your shoulders down your chest down over your nipples down the shoulder blades down your spine and it comes down over your tummy down your back down your forearms those of you that might be sensitive to energy you’ll notice I shuddered it’s because I can feel that energy coming down it was just coming down around the base of my spine it was like it touched something it resonated with and I kind of shuddered a good shudder like an ecstatic shudder and I’m just breathing that down now again over my cock and my buttocks my tops of my legs down over my thighs over my calf muscles down over my ankles my toes and my feets and for those of you in England you might remember the Ready Brek man on the TV adverts had a white glow for those of you that weren’t in the UK or don’t know Ready Brek Man just imagine you’re looking at yourself now and you’re kind of full of this white energy and each breath you’re just pulling it down and turning up the intensity that little bit more.

What I want you to do is I want you to create part of you that’s in the experience but also part of you that is witnessing the experience I call this the witness and imagine as part of you looking at yourself having this experience as well as part of you in the experience okay and so I’m just sat here feeling and witnessing just being in this white energy and you can call this white energy is like one of the starting vibrations of bliss and you can just start to sit inside that and just feel this you’ll get a sense of it it’s like every time you try and grab it it disappears but it’s just that if you sit in a place of just allowing and just accepting and just being what I call your beingness just being what you’ll notice is that you’re just being in this white energy you feel it through the whole of your body as I’m doing it I want to feel part of me shuddering just in the resonance in the meeting of that blissful energy and then what you can do is if you put your hands together like this I then want you to visualize or imagine that you’re passing it from one hand to the other and you might start I like I’m doing it now I can feel pins and needles if you just bring your hands backwards and forwards a little bit you’ll kind of get a sense of something magnetic or like there’s something between your hands or you may feel heat or like pins and needles I’m getting the pins and needles and I can feel something solid and this is like what we call spiritual energy and I’m just keeping that connection up there bringing it down and I’m just passing it through it’s like a white energy.

What you can do is you can just start to like imagine that you’re channeling this energy you can try doing it like I’m doing it now into my heart and I can feel that energy like burning in my heart and you can kind of slowly go around your whole body and what it’s doing is relieving stress way of giving yourself a break a bit of time out but the other thing that it’s doing as well as it’s connecting you bringing your vibration your energy vibration up so that you’re connecting with more than who you are on the day-to-day level running around so you’re connecting with a higher larger bigger part of yourself and you’re kind of being in your beingness when you’re here you’re being in your spirit in your soul in your beingness and if you’re able to you could just sit and kind of sit in a state of meditation where you’re pushing your thoughts away but you’re also you’re pushing your thoughts away but you’re just sad as I said about the observer you’re just watching yourself and you’re just sitting and you’re focusing on the sensations that you’re feeling.

And I won’t record the 15 minutes that we sat there, I’d be a bit boring but I really encourage you that as this video stops just to sit for a while if you can ten minutes one hour a day maybe that you could just sit there in this energy okay also make sure you’ve turned off your mobile phone before you do this make sure you’re not going to be disturbed because you can be jolted out of that like I’m already feeling at the moment as I’m doing this and kind of in a slightly altered state so do make sure you do this somewhere safe where you’re not going to be disturbed where you can just enjoy the sheer bliss and the sheer silence and would you believe the shit there’s also an ecstasy in it as well that isn’t coming from my cock but just coming from this energy that I’m holding so I’m gonna say goodbye let me leave you here for another like 10 20 minutes more soon blessings thank you.

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