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Meeting Myself: I am Bliss

Video Transcript:

Hello there it’s Jason Tantra here, and in today’s video I want to talk to you about meeting myself. Now you may have noticed for those of you that follow me on YouTube then I haven’t released a video much over the last couple of months, and today’s me kind of talking a little bit about why.

So for me as a Tantra teacher, it’s not just about what I’m teaching and what I’m offering the space, but it’s also very much about my own personal journey and where I am and what I’m learning and what’s going on for me. now in Tantra we believe that it’s a pathway to enlightenment, it’s a pathway, it’s a Buddhist Hindu pathway to becoming an enlightened being. So one of the things I teach is about using sexual energy to get into higher and higher states of arousal, to get to this state which we call bliss.

There’s also though as other spiritual practices like Tibetan Buddhist meditation is all about the silence and looking for the same bliss in the silence and I don’t know why but kind of I think most of last year I really felt a calling to try and experience the same bliss that I get at the peak of my orgasm, looking to see if I can experience this in the depths of the silence, and that took me to India to meet my master called SAP Sri and I did a 21-day meditation journey with him ,and I also spent I think kind of this year and last year I spent about one and a half hours in silence every day and I have to tell you some days actually probably about 75% of the time it’s tortuous thoughts going on in my head rah rah rah rah but a little alert and it just goes on it drives you insane but I’m going to have dogged persistence and I kind of keep going step by step.

The bit that I want to share with you is on good days over the last few months I would kind of get senses of all of these energies kind of going on around me and they would be white creamy floaty and there would be a real fire and a real passion and a real energy about them, it’s hard to describe other than it feeling like bliss. And what was interesting for me was that I thought it was outside me and I thought it kind of belongs over there and you know new to see by the look on my face like with you like a puzzlement about that and as I continued every day during this meditation what I discovered or what was revealed to me and it really touches me I might even cry but what really really touched me what I read he discovered was that this bliss that I thought was somewhere out someone else what I discovered was that it was me.

I just sit there with this profoundness that I am bliss and it’s not just nice words it’s not you know New Age is full of nice words as me as full of you know little sayings from the Dalai Lama without question whether he ever said it’s kind of full of that and that’s great they touch us they remind us but for me the sensation that I had here the experience I had was like I was meeting myself as my true self as beliefs and it’s so profound that it as I’m talking to you now it’s like it’s really present with me and you know I’m on this journey probably like you and I more for me I’m looking for the truth I’m looking for the truth of who I am I’m looking for this thing called enlightenment and I’ve spent all of my life since the age of 16 in pursuit of this and this is what brings me to you as a Tantra teacher.

I think I would probably say I’m a spiritual Tantra teacher because I’m interested in the spiritual path I’m interested in knowing the truth and for me the truth that I’m with at the moment is that I am and I can feel it there’s a vibration and I have to tell you that makes me rethink everything a little bit I’m kind of rethinking Who I am I’m seeing myself separate than my day-to-day ego and I’m part of me doesn’t believe it is that really, really it but, I just sat there with a state of inquiry so I think that you know whilst a lot of the tantra I teach is about finding bliss in the peak of your orgasm iIm also giving a lot of space to finding bliss in the depths of silence and as i said what I’m discovering is that I am a bliss interesting and maybe that’s that’s the knowing today that’s the spiritual realization knowing that I am bliss so with that knowing let me leave that with you and I just want you to reflect on the idea that you two are all so blessed imagine now that everything else is just an illusion imagine that let me leave that with you and I’ll be with you again soon.

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