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Learning About Yourself

Video Transcript:

Hello I’m Jason Tantra and welcome to my video this time all about, learning about yourself. One of the questions you might ask yourself is ‘how much do I truly know about myself’. Just think about that for a moment: ‘how much do I truly know about myself?’. You might start to think that’s a curious question because it might be that you feel you don’t know that much about yourself or you just may never have considered that before.

Sometimes in life we get so busy ‘doing life’ that we kind of forget about ourselves in that and we forget about who we are and we lose touch with what we’re feeling and we lose touch with feeling connected with ourselves and we lose touch then with being present with ourselves. And the downside of all of that is that we can feel lonely, we can feel isolated and we can also feel like we’re on a treadmill where we’re living everybody else’s life and certainly not in control or certainly not present to our own life. So what can happen is you can just get lost in living this life and not feeling connected with ourselves.

This is an interesting question that I ask around ‘how much do you really know about yourself’. And for me I then think about the purpose of life and I could spend many many videos talking about the purpose of life. But for me one of the purposes of life is to have my own personal experience that I am consciously aware of. So for example if you’re in a park looking at how beautiful it is that you’re able to really be with the experience of being in the park and as you’re taking it in around you you can actually be aware of your feelings, how it makes you feel and you might have this kind of ‘aaaah’ feeling of just feeling in love, ecstatic, at peace, at stillness and just allowing yourself to be very present to what’s going on there. Another example might be, you might have a family member or a friend that there’s something uncomfortable going on with and often we’ll try and push that down and be all ‘happy’ and be all ‘ok’ and really not being present to the underneath feelings that are going on.

Now for me when we push down feelings and things that are going on and not being with those actually for me it really robs you, really denies you of being able to really go into those sensations, into those emotions, into those feelings and to really explore why that’s going on. What can happen is actually if you have a difficult situation, just really giving yourself time to be with that and asking yourself ‘what is that going on, why do I feel triggered, why do I feel upset with this person, why do I feel a bit awkward?’ and you might get what I call that ‘aha’ moment where you’re like ‘oh I get it it’s because I’m frightened of this this this and this, or I feel insecure about this and this’. This is what I mean about the process of getting to know yourself more, asking yourself questions and being present to what’s coming up for you, what you’re feeling, what you’re noticing. What happens as you repeat this process is you start becoming more deeper, you start becoming more self aware and you start learning about yourself much much more deeply. So then the experience of life is the much richer, much deeper, much more colourful and your ability to experience emotions that we would perceive both good and bad is actually much broader and you have this sense of feeling more alive.

This is one of the things I really love about Tantra – there’re many things I really love about Tantra – but one of the things I really love is that in the practices and the exercises that I teach in my workshops and events they really help you to start to learn about yourself more. You’ll learn very much about the things that you love and I promise you’ll also learn about the things that you might find challenging and you might find difficult. The reason why the challenging and the difficult are good is that they give you food for thought. It gives you things to consider ‘why did I not feel comfortable then, why did I feel awkward at that moment, why did I feel this and this?’ – ‘oh, it’s because I have insecurities about myself or I have judgements about myself or I’m frightened’ and it could be all sorts of things that are going on for you.

For me, the reason you might want to learn more about yourself and start to ‘work on yourself’, start to work that through is because you then have a much richer experience of who you are. That for me is a spiritual practice, is a spiritual practice of Tantra, getting to know yourself more, getting to learn much more about yourself. And that is a beautiful thing because the more that you know about yourself then I say the more you know about others, the more you know about the world that you’re in and all of that knowing, all of that consciousness awareness actually helps you to have a much more full, much more colourful life.

Now the other thing that that does as well, then situations that you put up with and things that you just maintained, actually the more conscious you are the less you’re willing to put up with the crap in life, the less you’re willing to put up with people treating you badly and the less you’re willing to compromise on your happiness. So for me in summary the reason why you would want to learn more about yourself and be on this quest of self discovery is because it just enables you to have a much happier, much richer, much more beautiful life.

So there’re some ideas for you to think about and consider and if you’re watching this on YouTube, please drop some comments below, I’d love to hear what this brings up for you. I’m going to be back here soon with a new video, so until then take care, look after yourself, good bye.

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