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Tantra Facilitator

About Me

Hello! I’m Robert (or Rob) and I love living in Austin, Texas! I am currently facilitating workshops while also participating in the Tantra for Gay Men Diploma in Tantra Programme. I am also excited to begin the Tantra4GayMen teacher training in early 2020. ƒ

I began participating in transformational workshops, and many different certification and diploma programs in 2011 and quickly discovered a passion for growth and development that only continues to expand and deepen. After a lot of inquiry, I became aware of developmental trauma as the source of many maladaptive behaviours and mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

Healing is a whole-person process that begins with resolving shame and guilt, and the release of trauma – emotionally, subconsciously, and as held in the body. My passionate pursuit is to become an ever more well-rounded healer and community leader who can stand with men and help them to see that healing is not only possible, but inevitable with just a little love and guidance.

Why I Facilitate

The practice of Tantra has been profoundly liberating for me, and it has given me the tools to release toxic stress, shame, and guilt. Learning and employing the teachings with a regular practice has opened up new space in me, new passions, greater presence, and a much deeper and fulfilling relationship to my ecstatic and sexual body.

I am passionate about teaching Tantra because it is the single most impactful, healing, and exciting life choice I have ever found. I believe everyone deserves to feel fully seen, cared for, powerful, free, and alive. Teaching tantra is my opportunity to pay forward what I have received from Tantra4GayMen – an ecstatic life!

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