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Exploring Ecstatic Surrender

A non residential Weekend Workshop in London

Dates: Sat 11 & Sun 12 May 2024 – 10am to 6pm Each Day

Location: Finsbury Park, London, N4

Price: £275

Availability: 18 Men Booked & 4 Places Remaining




Exploring Ecstatic Surrender

Experience the magic of surrender and let go with Tantra. Discover a profound sense of bliss that will leave an imprint on your body, opening new doorways to freedom and possibilities. Unlike other practices, Tantra uses your body as a blank canvas for an embodied experience.

Say goodbye to “trying harder” and unlock the keys to spiritual growth through surrender and letting go. Don’t settle for feeling stuck and frustrated – break through that glass ceiling and reach new heights on your spiritual journey.


  1. How can surrendering and letting go lead to a sense of profound bliss?
  2. What is the significance of experiencing a moment of awakening in the body?
  3. How does Tantra differ from other spiritual practices in terms of using the body?
  4. Why is “trying harder” not the answer to spiritual growth and development?
  5. What are the potential consequences of not learning to surrender and let go?
  6. How can mastering surrender enhance one’s spiritual practice and remove feelings of being stuck and frustrated?

How can this weekend impact your life?

A unique Tantra Weekend hosted by Jason and Ingo.

Come and discover how Tantra can help you find a pathway for personal growth and spiritual development. It can teach you to connect with your inner self through various practices such as meditation, breathwork, and body awareness. These practices can help you achieve a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment in life. You are going to feel really really good. 

Overcoming sexual issues and improving intimate relationships, Tantra can provide valuable tools and techniques. Through practices like conscious touch, energy circulation, and communication exercises, Tantra can help you with all these issues. By fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others, Tantra can enhance intimacy and create a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience.

When it comes to healing past traumas and developing a healthier body image, Tantra can be a powerful tool. Through practices like body awareness, self-acceptance, and emotional release, Tantra can help you release stored trauma and negative emotions. By embracing and honouring your body as a sacred vessel, Tantra can help you develop a healthier body image, leading to increased self-confidence and self-acceptance. 

In this weekend You Will: – 

  • Attending this event will introduce you to the profound sense of bliss that comes from surrendering and letting go.
  • It will provide you with a moment of awakening that leaves an imprint on your body and opens new doorways in your life.
  • Tantra, the focus of this event, allows you to use your body as a vehicle for spiritual growth and development.
  • Unlike other practices, Tantra embraces the body as a blank canvas for the experience, allowing your whole self to be involved.
  • Attending this event will help you break free from the common method of “trying harder” and discover the power of surrender and letting go.
  • Mastering surrender is key to progressing on your spiritual path and can prevent you from hitting a glass ceiling in your practice.
  • This event will provide you with new strategies and techniques to enhance your spiritual journey.
  • It will help you move past old patterns and limitations, leading to a greater sense of freedom and possibility in your life.


Your weekend starts normally at 10am and everyone arrives 10 mins early. I will be on hand with the assistants to welcome you. We normally welcome you with some coffee, tea and some snacks. It’s a chance to meet the others, to arrive and settle down. There are bathrooms for you to use, we will also show you where to put your coat and bags. It’s really Ok to feel nervous at this point, but within an hour that will all be gone.

We start by gathering in a circle, and it’s time to introduce the weekend. I will speak about the theme, and a little about what we might do this weekend. I also talk about the importance of safety, nobody doing anything they do not want to, and some idea on how to navigate the weekend. Then you may be asked to give a brief introduction of your first name, where you are coming from and something about the theme of the weekend and how it speaks to you. It is a great way to meet all the other participants and to feel more settled and ready for the journey ahead.

In the morning it is all about building intimacy, connection and security with the other participants. There will be atmospheric music to support you, and I will coach and guide you to meet others in a way without words that enables you to meet something deeper in each person. Slowly as you feel more relaxed, we will do some form of undressing ritual in a way that you feel relaxed and easy with being naked in a group of other men. By lunchtime, you’ll be feeling relaxed, connected with the group and ready for the afternoon ahead. Typically, we all go out for lunch together somewhere local. This is a great way to make connections with other members of the group.

After lunch, we are then into the theme of the weekend. We will be doing massages, touch exercises, tantric techniques and practices. There will also be some pleasurable rituals for you to experience. The end of the first day at 6pm will feel like you have done a lot, so we recommend keeping the evening low-key and relaxed, as you probably sleep VERY well that night.

At 10am the next day, we re-group and start with a group check in. You’ll be invited to share a little of how your experience felt the day before. A space to share what happened for you and to ask any questions. It might be that I offer some questions for reflection to help you go deeper into your enquiry of how it is for you.

After group check in its likely we will do some meditation practice, and we’ll also do some embodied practice to reconnect you in intimacy, love and connection with the group. Then it’s time to continue the journey with the theme for the weekend. It will be a mixture of touch and massage practices, exploring pleasure. It might be practiced to engage with sexual energy or to awaken the body’s natural ecstasy. It all depends on the theme for the weekend. We’ll break for lunch the day before and continue with the practices of the weekend afterwards.

Around one hour before it’s time to close the weekend, we will bring the group together for a final sharing and checking in how the last day was for you. I’ll also talk about next steps and how to continue your journey with Tantra.

Typically, after a weekend workshop you go into the world after the 2nd day and everything looks a bit different for a few days. Flowers seem more brightly coloured, different smells feel more vibrant, and the world can look more loving. Difficult situations you have been dealing with, you might find a new way to be at peace with it. Many students talk about a better world and the “effects of the weekend” staying with them for a prolonged period after the workshop.

Tantra can help you in so many ways. It can change your life! Often men come to Tantra because they are asking themselves about their being more to life. That there must be more to life! Some are curious about the spiritual aspects of Tantra as a journey of awakening. Others are looking for intimacy and connection with other men that is not easily available in the “outside world”. All of these desires, wanted and curiosities bring you to a place of discovery of Tantra.

Imagine being in a place where you could put down all your worries. Put down all of your insecurities about how you look, put down any idea of you that is wrong. Imagine being accepted, and loved just as you are. And in that Love, bringing your body and all of its wonderful sensations into play. This awakens your bodies natural ecstasy and pleasure that can be a brand-new experience. Bring multi-orgasmic techniques on top, and you begin to open yourself to whole new experiences you never even new were possible. Tantra offers many and new sensations in the body. Tantra awakens you to a new possibility and to the invitation to let go of all that holds you back. To bring yourself to peace with yourself and to infinite Love.

That infinite Love is what we call living in truth. On the Tantric journey, as you align more with Love you are able to discern the structures and patterns in your life that hold you back. You can discover a trust in Life and a trust in yourself to meet Love in your life.

Bring a sense of adventure, a curiosity to try things out where you may not always know where it might lead. Equally, bringing a promise of not doing anything you do not want to do and feeling comfortable to express your Yes and your No’s.

Also bring a flat bedsheet, a towel, drinking water (with bottle). We provide everything else you will need for your event.

It is VERY normal for all of us to feel some anxiety or a little nervous coming to a Tantra event. Mixed with excitement and vulnerability, it’s no surprise there is a mixture of emotions and feelings. We passionately believe in you only doing what you want to do. To do what you are open to do. Saying no and negotiating what you can partake in is an essential part of being in your truth and being in your power.

All the exercises and practices are done slowly and gently. We give you time to talk to your partner, to check in what you can do and negotiate anything you feel unable to. All the practices are within known safe sex guidelines. We provide anti-bacterial gel, and there is nothing else we do that warrants further safety.

We also invite you to share exercises and practices with as many men as you can so that you get to have a whole variety of experiences. Different people will offer you different experiences. And those will always be varied and different. Some amazing and some that might invite you to explore your feelings.

The Tantra space helps you to rebuild a relationship with your body, to re-engage with sensations and feelings in your body, and to explore the idea of letting go. Often in the outside world, we live in a world of judgements and typically only engage with men we find attractive. In Tantra, we re-discover the heart and love and from this place make choices from a place that feels authentic, true and free. It’s absolutely not about anyone being forced to do anything, but, reevaluating the rules and judgements you choose to live by. As an example: I offer an exercise to have your eyes closed. Someone strokes your arm and it feels really good. It felt electric, and you had a slight shudder of pleasure through your body. That’s what is important. What’s important here is the sensation and reclaiming your relationship with the sensations in your body. Not necessarily who was doing that. But! If there happens to be an attraction between you both, it can amplify the experience. But it should never be at the cost of your pleasure sensations in your body. This always comes first, and we call this the embodiment part of Tantra. Being authentic and in connection with the sensations in your body.

Sometimes participants get nervous about getting an erection once they are naked. This feeling is very normal anxiety and very common in our groups. Our advice is to relax and let go. If you get an erection, great, and if you don’t get an erection, that’s great too. We recommend relaxing, let your body do what it needs to do and just go through the weekend without any expectations of what your body needs to do. Nothing we do in our Tantra Weekends requires your body to act in any particular way, you can just allow it and you to be free and open to the experience.

Venue & Travel

Nr Finsbury Park, London, N4

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