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Tantra4GayMen Podcast Episode 1 – Why is the body central to Spiritual Practice?



and welcome to episode one of our podcast. Today, Ingo and I are answering the question: why is the body central to spiritual practice? And in this episode we’re talking about some of our or NGOs talking about some of his early experiences in tantra, and we’re talking about tantra as a spiritual practice and some different ideas for you to listen to.


Also listen all the way through because towards the end we have a special gift for you where we’re talking about the Tantra four game, an app where you can talk about this podcast. And we’re also going to talk to you about the Tantric Love Festival as well in Gloucester, bringing the UK in the summer. So yeah, enjoy listening to this.


Thank you.


Hello there. Hello? We can go. Hello, Jason. Hello, sweetheart. Hello, My darling. Here we are in episode one of our podcast, and we are in the beautiful Copenhagen. I don’t know if any of you can see my background here, but there’s palm trees and beautiful beaches.


We are literally overlooking the sea. And this is our winter. Our place where we escape over the winter to recharge, to come up with new ideas, to be creative, to basically prepare for the next year, all these things that we want to bring to the world. Yeah. And I kind of brought the idea of this podcast and I just wanted to like as we’re talking about episode one, just to talk about why we’re doing this, because I’ve been harping on to you for a long time that when I see people that come to our diploma program, they get an amazing sort of like experience of us and they have an amazing, profound week.


And they’re in love. They’re just these really extreme experiences. And I was like, Well, how can people know us more and know our teachings more? Because we’re not the world’s best at doing videos and things. And so I came up with this idea about a podcast. Yes, it’s interesting, isn’t it? Because for me, there has been quite a lot of resistance.


And I think that has to do with the fact that the more I go into spirituality and the more I do tantra, the more I’m getting interested in everything that has emerged yet, and that is direct interaction with people and direct interaction with what is around me. And that becomes just more and more amazing and, you know, cinematic, whatever you want to call it.


And at the same time there is this, you know, this, this resistance against anything that is virtual like, you know, social media and all of that. Because I almost, you know, I need to feel a person and see a person and almost be able to touch a person. It’s a very central thing like tantra is. And that’s one of those things.

However, as you say and right, people want to know more about the background of tantra. And we, we, we started this a few years ago. I remember by introducing our, our talks during retreats during the diploma, and people were just mind blown because all of a sudden they, they, they started to realise what’s actually behind this, behind these exercises, processes, rituals, whatever that we do.


Yeah. And now this is I would say the podcast is, like, can we bring this to a wider audience to whet their appetite and to dive into tantra deeper? Yeah, that’s the question, probably right. And for me, I. I don’t know about you. I get how difficult life is. And I get that, you know, through what goes on for us personally and what goes on for our participants.


I just think here in 2023 or 2024 it is actually now it’s January. You know, life can be really tough and people are dealing with very complex issues, very complex lives. And I think that it gets more difficult to find joy, bliss, love, intimacy, connection. And it’s like for me, the pathway of tantra provides the places for people to have those experiences.


But also what it does, I think, is help people figure out what gets in the way of those things in their day to day life. You know, often as we know, people go home from our retreats and make all kinds of changes in their lives based on the experience that they had in the classroom. And so for me and us doing this podcast, it’s trying to maybe dispel some myths, help bring some ideas to the table and help kind of position this in a way that’s really serving every person that’s listening to this, that they kind of leave this podcast feeling that they’ve touched something or we’ve given them some ideas, we’ve been able to provoke some stuff for them, and that the podcast is in service to people living in 2024. Primarily, we’re offering this to a man who loves men audience and that this may help be a shining light in life and trying to figure it all out, you know, how do you, how do you like move in a pathway of love, of spirituality, of bliss, feeling good about sex, feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your life, you know, bringing it purpose, some meaning.


All of these things are kind of I’m hoping this podcast might serve. I liked that you used the words touch and provoke, because for me, what tantra actually teaches us is very much beyond words. It’s like you. Well, primarily it’s about practice. You practise things, you know, meditation rituals, also massages, sexual techniques. You practise these things, and then you basically experience the effects on your mind and on your body and on your emotions.


And all of a sudden, life starts to feel different. Yes. And in the context of a podcast, I feel a lot of what we will be saying is rather through language, we are going to try to hint at something that is very much beyond language. And the more a person, you know, if, if you dear, dear listener, if you did this and listen to this podcast, you know, if you have done tantra before or if you have a meditative practice or something like that, you’re going to you’re going to be able to feel what is beyond the words, almost like a transmission.


It’s not something personal that we do because we are fantastic or something, but it’s something universal that comes through as we, we, we talk about these things. And so for me, the best thing is, sorry , the best way to really get the most out of this podcast is actually to deeply listen to it in the context of practice.


In the context of practice. I mean, you know, do your meditations daily, do your retreats once in a while and then listen to this and try to fall into what is beyond the words and that’s what you’re going to feel? Yes. And this is probably heart to heart too hard to imagine for people who have never done any of those practices.


But still, you can try. Do you feel something beyond our word? What is it that it elucidates in you? And and and if you feel something, then wow. Yeah. This is something to follow. This is the subtitle. Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Yes. And also, just as you were saying that I’ve kind of been feeling you or what we’ve also said before, it’s almost like don’t listen to the words, but actually listen to what you feel and what goes on for you beyond the words.


You know, almost like with what the community hating is not all necessarily verbal, which might sound a bit crazy. It has a verbal dimension and it has an intellectual dimension. But if you only listen to that dimension, you’re going to miss about 90%. I would say 90% is beyond that. Well, listen, why don’t we lead into the first part of this?


So today’s question. Okay, for us. Today’s question is why is the body central to spirit or practice? So why is the body central to spiritual practice in relationship to tantra and spirituality? So, when I prepared myself for this podcast, I thought, God, what a question, because it’s such a big question. You could so well, to start with, Tantra is spirituality through the body.


Yeah. Everything that happens in tantra is through the body. And in that way, Tantra is, I would say, not unique, but it is pretty different from many spiritual modalities that people are usually, you know, usually practising, especially in the West. So everything that happens in tantra happens through the body. Then how does it happen Through the body?


And you know, the answer to why it is hidden is that how we could I think I could probably do ten episodes. It had full episodes on that to explain how exactly it works, how for example, we we we we we we start to wake up energy and to play with that energy and and all of that. But when I prepared myself, I think I would you know, I would like to start with something completely different.


And this topic of how tantra works, how tantra works through the body, i.e. how spirituality works through the body, is going to pop up in our, you know, in many episodes, I think. And we’re going to revisit that and deepen that. But I would like to, basically start with just a little story. And that was, that’s actually the story, you know, that’s how I came to Tantra?


Because you know, in my twenties and in my upbringing, you know, those, those of you, dear listeners who know a little bit more about me, you know, you know that before. Before I stumbled, I don’t know, almost miraculously, across this, this, this path was, I was quite an intellectual person. I had this, you know, a very academic, academic career.


and by hindsight, I would say I was pretty much almost cut off from my body. My body was something that, you know, neither functions I didn’t function. I didn’t know too much about my sexuality. I didn’t even miss sexuality beyond anything, let’s say basic. Well, no, by hindsight, basic, because I was so immersed in academics and I thought that was fulfilment.


And actually it did feel like fulfilment in my twenties and I made quite a career out of this. I, I, you know, I was quite successful. And then I remember I, it was someone I met with in the context where I was living and this person told me there was something in this person, something different, the way they, they, the way they talked, the way that there was something magical.


Not a gay person. It was a straight man, actually. And I said this. You look different. What? What is it that you do? What is this? And he said, this is tantra. And I was like, This is what it is like. So he told me about all of this stuff, and I thought, at some point I need to try this out because this person felt very joyful.


There was a kind of a vibrancy. There was joy in that person. So a year later, I then signed up for a great hunter retreat in Germany. But my intention was not very spiritual. It was like, well, you know, my narrative to myself was, yeah, yeah, this, this person looked really joyful.


Maybe that, you know, that probably comes from a, you know, let’s say, a better sex life. So what would I like to do in my sex life? I was, you know, I was very interested in doing things and groups. I was very interested and trying out, let’s say, orgy like things. But in the context of, let’s say, friends.


I was not interested in going to a dark room with no connection or something like that. So I thought, how nice a group, where we come together, we get to know each other, we make some connections, and then let’s get it on. And there is like, like a held space for that. And that all happened.


That all happened in the group. They were actually really, really lovely people. I thought, God, I actually, you know, so there were two main fears that I had when I went there. One was, is someone going to try to recruit me into a cult? Right? And the second was, I am only going to be a weird person who you find unattractive.


Yeah. And things like that. Yeah. And both for was absolutely not the case, but, you know, I’m going to talk about that another time. But so we did all kinds of exercises. I’m not going to go into what exactly we did, but let’s say our sexual energy was ramped up beyond anything I’d ever experienced.


But yet, still, it wasn’t spiritual. But then, after three days of that. Something happened that has completely changed my life. Until now. It was. That has completely changed my life since. And that was completely unexpected. Can you just because? Well, by. You’re just saying that we are running out of time. Yeah, maybe I’m going to do it.


I kind of live. Hang out. Okay. do I. Can I have another 5 minutes? two or three? Two or three. So I’m going to elaborate on that. in the next ones, because what actually happened to me was quite universal. It’s, it’s a sudden, it’s a sudden moment in spiritual development. That was triggered by these exercises that we did.


So what happened was that in the middle of the night, I woke up and I realised immediately that I was in a very, very strongly altered state in a state that I hadn’t experienced so far. It was as if it’s hard to describe, but it was like, ecstatic communion with everything that is beautiful, with everything that is like the universe.


And I felt completely at one and like, Wow. God, what the hell is this? I don’t even believe in this. I had, you know, I had abdicated from anything religious and something I followed. You know, that’s claptrap. And all of a sudden I was like, wow, this is what people who have this experience of fuzing with the absolute must, must feel like.


And it felt like my experience was flowing into one with all the experience that the universe had ever had. And it felt relaxing. It felt brilliant. It felt very, very, there was lots of energy, and sometimes it felt almost, like, unmanageable.

I will talk more about it now. Yeah. Now we are finished, aren’t we? So just bringing all of that back to then, the question about why is the body central to spiritual practice? What I hear you saying is, I mean, for me, what I offer my power. Actually, I’m kind of. You’re talking about it from the experiences that you actually had.


And what I hear you saying is that everything you felt spiritual was through your body, was through your ecstasy, through the altered state. You used the word altered state. Well, yes. A yes. The state force felt like a very physical state, by the way. It stayed with me for almost two weeks. And that’s the way I’m going to talk about it more next time.


What happened in those two weeks. But to answer your question, very, very, very clearly this state was triggered by exercises that radically engaged the body. Yes, that’s radically woke up. Sexual energy in our body. Because for those days, you remember our teacher at that time. You know, that’s a very, very, you know, you, you basically in on retreat, spend hours and hours waking these energies up in your body.


So it was purely physical. That. That. That, that, that and that. And now, by hindsight, I know this because I have studied tantra much more. So I know the mechanisms behind that by that engagement with the body in the form of sexual energy, you can trigger these mechanisms in the mind that propel you into those states that then, you know, get you on the spiritual path.


But that’s another topic for me, lifting from what you’re saying and kind of carrying on around. When I was thinking about this question, the first thing I was thinking about is, well, what actually is a spiritual practice? And the reason I’m saying that is because for those of you listening, you may already have some spiritual practice, some of you may be trying meditation, some of you may be, you know, watching Eckhart Tolle or Osho on YouTube.

And, you know, for me there’s different things that make up a spiritual practice. Some of you may go to church, some of you may go to mass, some of you, you know, may have a meditation practice, some of you may have a tantric practice or a yoga practice. So there’s many, many different things that people are doing that they would identify as a spiritual practice.


And for me, the reason why the body is central to spiritual practice is because I passionately believe, like every fibre in my body, that any spiritual practice has to be felt through the body for it to be able to be grounded and experienced in the human experience. So like when I was 18, you know, spirituality to me was going to Glastonbury in the U.K. for an afternoon with my mother buying crystals, having a reading.

And, you know, that was my version of spirituality at that time for me when and that’s evolved because actually there was like a seed or a kernel of something inside of me that I could feel, but it didn’t have a name. I could sense it, but it didn’t have an identity. And I would say through all of my 30 plus years of being on a spiritual path, that’s the one thing, and I would almost call it the divine that has been consistent through, through my spiritual practice.


You know, 80% of that, you know, 75% of that being through tantra. For me, when I think about us as humans, we have thoughts, we have our mind, we have feelings and we have emotions. We have a body that has like five different sensations, taste, touch, hearing, smell. And then there’s like the other part of us, I would call that like our soul.


And so for me they were made up of these different components. And it’s then, you know, again, I’ve only got a few minutes to talk about something. We could take hours over, but it’s like, well, what is a spiritual practice? And for me, I think one of the problems that we have is the neo new age practice is sort of like and I’ve talked about this before in the 1990s was all about Ascension, was all about crystals, was all about angels, was all about everything other than our human body.


And I think the neo new age and tantra being part of that. Actually, we’ve returned back to the body like, you know, if you look down, there’s much more breathwork, there’s much more tantra on offer than ever has been. And I think we’ve returned back to the body. And I know and just as you’re describing, you can go in your first part, but I know through my own experience, my most powerful spiritual practice and spiritual experiences have been through my body.


Next time when we talk, we’re going to talk about sex and sexual energy. But actually, at the peak of my most, like my orgasm or the peak of my different experiences, it’s always been through the body. And so I would question any spiritual practice, you know, and I may be biassed on my perspective, but I would almost question any spiritual practice that doesn’t involve the body, because for me, it can kind of cut out our humanity and we can end up trying to ascend to something that is not here on planet Earth, that’s not here as human beings, I’m when I hear you talk, one thing comes up for me very strongly that might be useful to to, to, to integrate when we talk about talk about spirituality for me, there is one aim of spirituality on a, on a very in, in a very general way that we share. And that aim is, I would put the word realisation yes to it. What does, what do I mean by realisation? realisation is, it’s almost like the opposite of belief.


You can believe in God. Yeah, but believe as a function of your analytic mind. You just think that. And that has nothing. Nothing, nothing to do with almost a state of being where with every fibre of your body, with every, every, every moment of your experience, you are immersed in, in, in God or whatever it is.


That’s the difference between belief and realisation. And for me, something opened up when I said, actually, you know, I grew up partly German Protestant, and that is very dry. It’s all about belief. But the problem was I had no idea that all of this was just all in my mind. It was just thinking. It was just thinking about it’s of no consequence and once I realised that these things can be realised, i.e., directly experienced, then I was like, Ah.


And once you redefine your spirituality in that way and say, this is not about belief, it’s not even belief in a crystal, about belief that if I make a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, I’m going to it’s about feeling via direct experience, what is possible, what, what, what many of you know, it’s this almost a mystical eastern kind of way that it needs to be realised through.


It needs to be realised whether through the body or through other methods. It’s another question. But in tantra, it’s firmly through the body, and that has its reasons. And part of these reasons are cultural because, you know, I’m going to talk about that then another time. Yeah. Lovely. Yeah. I love all of that. That you also.


I like the way that you’re saying that it needs to be realised. Yes. It’s like it occurs to you and it’s like the way that that comes up through the body. It’s like there’s no other truth than that realisation at that moment. Yeah. It feels that there is a way when people come to work with us who have never had a glimpse of what realisation feels like.


And it feels like this typical thing is, God, I believed I was actually experiencing it, but I was not experiencing it. Not for the first time. I’m experiencing this. Wow. That’s it. It points towards this principle of, you know, direct experience. And then which leads to realisation. We can actually live every moment of our experience.


We can live from that perspective. If, you know, if we follow the path with a lot of diligence and discipline and so on. Yeah. The other part I wanted to add to what we’re saying is while we were talking about this I think this morning, we had many conversations. I can’t always remember what I say where, but I remember us talking about for me, the spiritual path is not about I don’t think you’re able to pick the nice bits and just do the nice bits.

Actually, for me, the spiritual path is about embracing the dark bits as much as leaning into the good bits. And I think at some level it’s actually being able to see life just as it shows up moment to moment, perfect as it is without any opinion about whether it’s good or bad. But the point I specifically wanted to make is people can sometimes make the mistake on a spiritual path that they must be aiming for bliss and they must be aiming for the good stuff, the nice stuff, the pleasant stuff.


And for me, a spiritual path needs to embrace them all. And for me, as a human being, I have shit days, I have days, or I’m dealing with lots of darkness. I have days of bliss. And for me, you know, this. I probably just, you know, over-talk about what I want to talk about in the future. But


But for me, tantra is about being able to hold yourself in the bits that are the darkest and the most difficult and the most painful, but also being able to stretch into and expand into the blissful parts, the love parts, the amazing parts. And I think it’s both of those dualities. And, you know, for me when I say the body is central to that, because actually most of the most of the experiences you have in tantra are through the body.


Like, I believe 90% of what you experience is if 100% is through the body, which is why we keep talking about doing practices that involve the body. And then and then integrating what comes up from that. Is this interesting because this, you know, whenever you talk about embracing everything and the light and the dark sides, I would say as an end goal, completely.


Absolutely. Completely. Absolutely. But at the same time, I’m always wondering if I think because, you know, this this, this kind of embracing this, what do you mean by that? Looks very, very different for me. As someone who has practised for many years. I realise for many people who actually come to us, especially when they are beginners, they are suffering anyway.


That very often something doesn’t go that well in their life. They’re looking for answers. they are. They feel that life, you know? Is this all there is to life? There must be more. Yeah. So there is already. And for me personally, to. At that point, to tell them to say, you need to embrace everything.


I’m sometimes not quite sure if it’s the right strategy for later on on the spiritual path. Absolutely. Yes. But at that point for me, it’s actually that my work is actually to show them that they are acts that most of what they are experiencing are just the tortures of their mind. And there is another way of direct experiencing which yes, towards the end will embrace the good, the bad and the ugly.


You know, that that becomes more evident as it talks towards the end goal. But at that point, very often I feel what people need at that point is more a kind of a vision to say, listen to that, that there is a way to deepen. There is a way to see something that is completely beyond the confines of what you are suffering from.


That’s what I want to bring. Yes. For people who are at the very, very beginning of their spiritual path, we may be. Yeah, passionately agreeing. So if you’re listening, one of the things you get to discover is that it can go. And I don’t always agree. Sometimes we have differences of opinions or different ideas.


And up to now of 18 years of marriage, of this being together, my love, we’ve managed to celebrate that difference. But for me, as I’m hearing you, I agree. The early part of the spiritual journey is the tantric spiritual journey. Yes, we’re talking about tantra if what we are talking about is actually only the tantra is ecstatic, is blissful, is more to your orgasmic.


And all of that is amazing. The danger for me is that people can end up just hunting for that and being in that and actually ignoring the elephant in the room of all of the stuff that gets in the way of that. And so for me, it’s a parallel journey. It’s about being able to open yourself to the amazing sensations that you’re going to have.


You know, you talked about at the beginning of this podcast, staying awake for nights, not being able to sleep because you were so activated. And at the same time, I believe that that’s also the time to look at the dark stuff, the stuff that doesn’t work in parallel because actually I think there’s a harmony between these two places that both need to be looked at and experienced.


As I said, we could be passionately wild. I think I agree. I think we completely agree with you. We don’t, we don’t disagree. It’s just a question of, you know, what is predominant and which part. Yes, Yes. My mission at the very start for people is because most people are already suffering enough.


That’s first. Show them an alternative. Yes. And then, you know, and then they experience all of this ecstatic stuff. Yeah. And they’re like, shit. This is what’s actually available. Yeah. And then from that viewpoint, yeah, but note that this is a viewpoint that is different from where they were a few months before. From that viewpoint, they are then exactly as you say.

fuck, I am so much getting into my way. I need to really, really change. You know, really look at a, I don’t know, half truths of how I have lived my life, of how I have given, you know, the way I’ve held myself and things like that. Yeah. And that’s I agree. That’s when you know you we then and that’s what we do actually in of our retreats then not just to do that more ecstasy, more excessive it rather rather systematically work on these dark sites and how to, how to, to, to develop a very different view of those through the lens of ecstasy, you know.


Yeah. Beautiful. Thank you. So we had only planned to talk about this for a level and yeah, that’s interesting. So with the bit that we’re going to move on to now is, we’re going to talk about our gift to you. So as you’re listening to episode one of this podcast, which we are talking about today about why the body is central to spiritual practice, we’ve also talked about, you know, some of those early door experiences in tantra, which I think is crucial to understanding.


And you may want to join in the conversation of this podcast to maybe share something about your story. You share something about what’s going on for you. You may want to hear from other people, like minded people, that are talking about this topic, and the best way to do that is through our online platform, the Tantra for Gay Men Community app.


and the way to access that community dot tantra for gay men dot com that’s community tantra for gay men dot com and there’s like a membership sign up and when you get in there there’s there’s like a whole I’d say like it’s like a Facebook but a Facebook plus because there’s like a feed, there’s over 2000 members in there of, of men just like you that are interested in tantra interest in spirituality, interested in sex.


and there’s ways to interact with all of those members. and this is offered to you for free. Okay. So if you want to talk about this podcast, if you want to talk about, anything that’s come up for you whilst listening, the best place to do that is to go into our community app. and then also in there is as I said, a way to meet all of the 2000 plus members that are there.


And also there are a load of video blogs and videos articles so that you can, you can kind of listen and watch and absorb, you know, lots of different talks that have been done over the years about tantra. And then we also have some free tantra classes offered by some of our teachers and coaches in our community.

The one thing to say, though, is that in the summer of 2024, the app is going to be changing and it’s going to be changing in a way where Ingo and I want to co-create a learning tantra. So wherever you are in the world listening to this podcast, we passionately serve you, we passionately love you and we want you to experience and practice tantra.


So our intention is in the summer to reconfigure our community app platform into what I call an active, practising learning community of men who love men that are practising tantra online. And that may be as a prelude to joining us to an in-person event. and there will be a subscription for that part of the community itself and talking about this podcast to meeting members and the video blog archives will always remain free to you.


There’ll be a subscription to the Learning Tantra online, which will launch in the summer. But actually what we’re trying to do is, is through this podcast really help you really help bring Tantra to help bring the amazing gifts it’s bringing to you. And then to take you a step forward into starting to practise that at home. That may then help you if you’re going to any tantra retreats or maybe it’s like a prelude to actually joining, you know, us on a tantra retreat.


And as I said, the free parts of that community app are our gift to you by trying to say that with my Bristol accent, our gift to you is our gift to you. and yes, that is that the community taught tantra for gay men. if you’re new to this, you’re going to see that there’s a really, really lovely community.


And that’s something about tantra is being practised with lovely, you know, with really lovely people. That’s one of the really good things about that. You’re never going to sit in a cave on your own and you’re not going to be alone. And it’s really lovely. And yeah, also is this the option to practise with us in retreat settings?


There is, right? Yeah. I want to talk about that. Well, there’s many things we could talk about. The one thing we’re going to talk about today is our beloved Tantra Love festival. my God. My heart just sings at the thought. I get excited about the festival in October when it has to run ten months later, in the following August.


The festival is in August. So what’s the date? You remember the dates? It’s over the UK bank holiday weekend in August, Saturday to Wednesday. I think it’s something like the 24th too. That’s correct. That’s correct. And it’s in Glastonbury, in the sacred landscape of beautiful Glastonbury at a retreat centre called Earth Spirit Center. And about 130 men come to us from all over the world.


I’m going to ask Ringo in a minute to tell us what he loves about it. But for me it’s like we have capacity for 130 men and to see 130 men fall in love over five days is my motivation. And it just touches my soul. I can’t begin to tell you how. my God, the experiences y’all have with these different men in so many different ways.


There’s over 40 workshops for running in parallel to sacred tantra rituals and the thing is, it’s like we specifically designed the program to work for those that are really experienced in tantra and for those that have never done anything, you can actually get through a festival without taking your clothes off. Yes, I’m so the festival we created.


What are we? This is our third No. 14th. This is our 13th year. So we created this to basically, you know, tantra has so much joy and celebration in it. And it’s the joy of coming together with people and not, well, not faffing around for a long time with small talk and feeling awkward, but actually really going into deep connection almost immediately.


And the whole festival is designed that way. Tantra is designed that way to throw you into a deep connection with people. And from there, the, the, the, the possibilities emerge to practise together and things like that. And the festival really celebrates that. But one thing that people say who come there is, God, I basically thought, how am I going to relate to these people?


How am I going to feel awkward? And all of that was dispelled. And after 24 hours, it felt like I was there with 130 really, really good friends, which I had known, you know, which I had known for many, many years. I can tell them everything. I can be physical with them, I can cuddle, I can you know, we have many workshops from the totally non-sexual to the totally juicy.


You know, it’s everyone’s choice of how deep they want to go. And people, it makes my heart sing. Yeah. To see how open people are, how they try out things that they never tried out and then they were like, I didn’t know that this kind of intimate work with people could be so connected.


And I’d never expected that people would be so, so lovely people are crying in the car. Yeah. When they leave, they’re in tears. And we’re not even talking about a lot of it in terms of we haven’t talked about the spouse of the Love Temple, but I think I’m working on an ice bath Challenge, Sacred Cacao ceremonies, and a ton of tantric massage workshops.


We’re going to be talking more about the festival, but I just wanted to in this podcast, just talk briefly about, well, it’s really close to our heart, especially if you’re new. It’s the ideal way to be introduced to our community and to basically, I mean, so many people that have found friends for life, yet some people found that partners, yes, it’s a really beautiful community, I got to say.


Love shower for the Tantra Love Festival. Shh. So, Ingo, that brings us to the end of our first podcast. It went, You believe we’re actually on time, but we haven’t done 90% of the comments ahead that we covered. So what I thought our commitment is to you to be with you for the next few years through this podcast.


So I am sure we’re not going to run out of things to say. How have you found being today in this? It’s lovely. It’s such a beautiful dialog but what really excites is to, you know, for the listeners to, to, to hear, to hear feedback from the listeners to, to, to, to hear comments to. So if you, if you are touched by some things we say please comment, please, please.


Yes. Write something in our app feed. Yes And let’s Yeah. Would be beautiful. Cool. Forgot to mention the festival if you want to read more about it. Tantra number four. Tantra for gay men. Dot com. Tantra for gay men dot com. Okay. We love you. Look forward to seeing you in our next episode. Look after yourself and lots of love to you.


Take care and take care. Bye bye. Bye.


So I really hope that you enjoyed listening to this podcast. If you are interested in looking at the Tundra for Gaming Community app, you can do that Community dot tantra for gay men dot com. That’s a tantra number for gay men dot com community tantra for gay men dot com. And also if you’re interested in the Tantra Live festival, you can find that at our website Tantra for gay men dot com.


In our next episode, Ingo and I are going to be exploring questions. And one question that we’re going to be exploring is when it can feel like you’re caretaking for another person in sex. So I don’t know if you’ve ever had that sex where you kind of feel like you’re caretaking the other person and it’s like you and your needs don’t even exist on the radar.


And we’re going to share with you some ideas and explore that topic. We’re also going to take a question from the app from Luke’s who’s asking the question, What does a tantric spiritual practice look like? What does a tantric spiritual practice look like? So yeah, we’re covering that in our next episode and we look forward to seeing you then.


Take care. Bye bye.


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