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Discovering Your Body

Video Transcript:

Hello. This time I’d like to give you a little bit of a Tantric practice thing that you can do at home on your own.

And the idea is to get more in touch with your body. Okay, so to do this exercise, what I want you to do is switch off any mobile phones, unplug the front doorbell, and be in a room on your own. And what I’d like you to do to begin with is just to sit in a chair like I am with you.

Now take off all your clothes okay, and I want you just to clear your mind and to just focus on your breath.

So you’re late assessing sitting there, you can also lie down for this. So you’re lying down, sat down and you’re just closing your eyes, and I want you to give yourself a few moments to try and let your mind quieten, to try and kind of let go of any thoughts and you make.

I would kind of encourage you to give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of just closing your eyes, just focusing on your breath, or even doing that silently through your nose; and I’m just wanting you to let any thoughts, any distractions, anything about the day just kind of float away for a moment. No need for any music, and I want you to start bringing your awareness, or as I call it bringing your attention, to the relationship that you feel with your body.

And so as you’ve got your eyes closed, as you’re bringing an awareness to your breath, I want you to kind of notice and capture the first things that come up for you as you bring your attention to how you feel about your body. And some of you are going to feel okay, some of you may feel great, good; and a lot of you may feel actually my body doesn’t feel so great, I don’t feel so great about my body, I don’t feel so great about how I look.

What I want you to do is I want you just to brush that to one side, okay push that to one side, it’s like putting it on the table over there, you can pick it up later. But I kind of want you then to though have gone through that process of letting go how you feel about your body; and I now want you to bring your fingertips okay and I want you to start very slowly, very gently, just like no more than one millimeter per second, but I want you to slowly start bringing your fingertips around your body.

And I’m smiling because I’m starting to feel pleasure, I’m starting to feel sensation, and it feels good; and I don’t need anybody else, I don’t need anything else, I just need me and my attention or another word that I use here is about consciousness. And I’m starting the first steps of building a relationship with my body that’s beyond how I feel about my body, so I’m starting to feel sensations in my body and I’m starting to bring my attention to how they feel. And I was smiling because it feels good.

So the other thing that you can do is you can take your fingertips and you can kind of, again slowly, just bring them in your inner thighs, okay, and you’re just getting your breath. And maybe you start to just stroke very, very slowly, like, your scrotal sac, and you’re starting to feel some pleasure from that. And maybe you’re able to bring a little bit of sound to how that feels. As I’m doing that right now, and you can’t see me because the camera’s not at that angle, but I don’t do honestly, as I’m doing I’m really doing, honest I’m doing this, I’m just really aware of pleasure and really nice sensations going on in my body; and I’m just kind of wave as I’m running my fingers across my tummy.

Doesn’t matter what I feel about it when I’m with is the real experience the right now the sensation of what I’m feeling, and nipples are really good. Try nipples, just kind of feeling my nipples, and I’m just really kind of being in relationship with myself without my mind, but just with my body, and just feeling how the sensation that I’m creating with my fingers feels in my body and I’ve got my attention wherever that is in my body.

And I’d encourage you to try this exercise for at least 15-20 minutes, and if you’re able to do that over a few weeks, over a few days into a few weeks, even intervals even as a daily practice, a daily meditation practice. You see when we think about meditation we think, “Oh my god I’ve got to go we’ll quiet stare at a candle be all enlightened.” And it’s like “no, no, no, no,” for me meditation it’s just about bringing my attention my awareness, my consciousness, to the now. And the now in this exercise, in this meditation I’m inviting you to maybe experience your body in ways that you have never done before, just by the way of quieting your mind having an awareness on your breath and just starting to create physical sensation that you can feel the is starting to bring pleasure, starting to feel pleasure.

And I don’t need anybody else to do this, I don’t need a boyfriend, I don’t need a husband, I don’t need another person, as you don’t need anything else than my commitment to give it a go and my willingness and just all the little tips that I’ve given you here.

So have a little play with this, try it over a week, you know, maybe when you get up in the morning or you go to bed at night or you’ve got some time in the evening and just very, very quietly, just spending time. So I said a minimum of like 15 20 minutes just gently moving and slowly moving your fingertips ever so lightly around your body and it’s like you’re starting to build a new relationship with your body and new you and maybe you’re starting to experience yourself in ways that you haven’t.

So give it a try, give me some comments below, how you got on with it. I’d love to love to hear what you’re experiencing with this. Good luck with it, and yeah, I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on. Take care, thank you. Bye-bye.

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