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Are You Really Happy?

Video Transcript:

So I wanted to ask you today: are you really happy? And at first sight that might seem like a strange question to ask someone but I just want you to consider that for a moment, around just sitting with that question: am I really happy?

There will kind of be different responses, some of you are going to say ‘yes of course I’m happy’, ‘everything’s good’, ‘life feels happy’ and that’s absolutely great. But for some of you as you as you asked that question things will come up, different situations in your life that don’t make you happy and it might be that there are certain people, certain situations, maybe things at work, at home, with a partner, things that don’t make you happy.

One of the things I really love about Tantra is that in the practice of Tantra, in using Tantra as a pathway for personal development, it really helps you to look at the things that don’t make you happy and it gives you opportunities and questions and answers in finding real, deep, meaningful, long term happiness.

And that’s not just it, with Tantra it’s like a double whammy because not only does Tantra help you to address the things that make you unhappy, it also gives you really really profound experiences with other men just like you, there’s kind of ecstatic and blissful experiences that words are really difficult to find to express.

So Tantra not only helps you to find what makes you unhappy but gives you experiences of happiness, of ecstasy and bliss that you’re not likely to have experienced before.

So if you’re looking for deeper happiness then Tantra is waiting for you with that invitation.

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