"Dear Jason,

I have found you to be incredibly caring, warm, genuine and empathic. You have been able to hold me in times of great difficulty and I have been able to share things with you that I haven’t shared with anyone else. This is because I feel no judgement from you.

I have felt positively challenged, in a therapeutic way, something I feel I really needed and know this has been so beneficial for me. I have felt that you have been able to allow me to get in touch with my emotions so much better and I have been able to access them safely and more readily. I have been able to be vulnerable with you and not feel over exposed or ashamed by this vulnerability, and again this is because I feel so held, and trust you implicitly.

I feel you have been able to navigate my over-intellectualisation and over articulation with poise and robustness in order to being me back to what’s lying underneath, my emotions and my true feelings. As oppose to a filtered contextualisation of what’s going on for me. I have been able to be truly congruent and sit with difficult and potentially negative feelings and experience them fully.

I feel you have been highly insightful and astute, and have made links between different area in my life and my history that have allowed further exploration and a deepening of my understanding of myself.

One of the reasons I chose to see a male therapist was to see how it felt to receive counselling from a male, in an often female orientated profession. I feel I have had a great role model and have learnt much from you in terms of counselling theory and how to implement it in practice. Thanks to our work together I now really understand how important it is for a therapist to explore themselves and look at their own inner workings; in order to be able to be more present and available for their clients.

This has been a real journey of self-discovery and  development for me and I feel truly that you have been inspirational and amazing in accompanying and guiding me on this journey. I feel such an increased self-awareness and understanding of myself due to the work that we have done together. It is a therapeutic relationship that I will never forget and find words don’t really do justice, the thanks and gratitude that I have towards you".

Nathan  - Bristol

"Dear Jason,

I wanted to say thank you to you for helping me through a difficult period of my life. You enabled me to see what my feelings meant and helped me to piece things together so that I could start to be a stronger person within myself.

When I first met you, I had approached you because of one problem that had caused me to feel badly about myself. You were kind and patient whilst always listening and suggesting ways in which I could understand my feelings. You were upfront and honest and used several psychotheraputic theories to help me to understand more about my relationships with people within my life and how to gain more control of myself and therefore my life.

I will certainly be trying to engage these new outlooks and think that this will be a turning point in my life where I am able to move on and not dwell on things in the past.

Thank you so much for your help, All the best for the future".

Jon - Bristol

"Dear Jason

Having called on your services for a second time, I want to thank you for allowing me the time and space to unravel, pick up the pieces and build my life back together again. Your methods of counselling challenged me to move out of my comfort zone and address ' the' dreaded issues. I won't pretend that it has been easy, I have shed more tears than I realised I had, felt emotionally exhausted but have finished the sessions in a more positive light and have been able to move on with life. Working with you has allowed me to finally accept that I can't change what has happened but I can manage this in a way that stops me from distressing myself beyond coping. I have used several visual aids to manage the difficult times, the dragon still spills out of the box on occasions but I know that it will eventually get back in. Your have been very supportive, cared and have never judged me. I wish you continued success and hope that by reading this, others who are going through distressing times, will decide to make contact. It is worth every minute".

Nikki - Bristol

"Dear Jason
I attended counselling sessions with you following a bereavement and I wanted to thank you for all the help and support you provided to me.  I was emotionally vulnerable and the environment created in our sessions provided a safe and secure space in which to discuss my feelings.  My sessions were often challenging for me but I was continually reassured that I was not being judged and could be completely open and honest.  You assisted me in regaining life balance and I appreciated the use of a number of different techniques that you taught me in order to manage my anxieties.
I am moving forward with my life and have a much more positive outlook these days.
Thank you again and very best wishes for the future."
Eavann - Bristol