About Me


I have been practising as a counsellor for over 13 years and have 1,000’s of practice hours and experience of a whole wide range of issues.

I have lived in Bristol for the last 20 years, am married, 40 and have a love of dogs and also personal development and growth.  

I really get how difficult life can be sometimes. With the challenges that it throws up and sometimes when we find ourselves in situations that are surprising and painful.

I am a deeply empathic counsellor and my role is to provide you with a safe space where you can explore yourself, what issues are going on for you. This is to help you heal, find peace or make changes in your life to make you happier.

My style of counselling is integrative which means I blend together about 12 different theoretical approaches. The benefit to you is that I can adapt my style to meet your needs.

I very much look forward to offering you counselling sessions to support you.


Diploma in Integrative Counselling - University of Bristol - 2007

Certificate in Counselling - University of Bristol - 2005 – Fast Tracked onto Diploma

Certificate in Counselling Skills – 2004

Registered BACP Member – No: 587765

Counselling Experience

M.A.S.H – Telephone Counsellor – 2002 to 2007

Working on a telephone helpline for male survivors of sexual abuse, mental trauma and rape.

HMP Bristol – Abuse Counsellor – 2005 to 2007

Seeing inmates working on issues related to sexual, mental, emotional and physical rape and abuse.

Kinnergy – Sexual Abuse Counsellor – 2006 to 2007

Working with clients face to face with issues related to sexual abuse, mental torture and rape.

Brynawel House Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre – Senior Families Counsellor - 2007 to 2009

Set up and managed a community counselling project supporting families with issues related to alcohol addiction. In addition offered families of the clients of the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Families Counselling.

Personal Development Teacher – 2006 to present

Created my own personal development school to support participants in a much deeper understanding of themselves so that they are more empowered in their life choices. To date 2,500 participants have attended a workshop with me.

Private Practice – Counsellor – 2009 to present

Set up my own Private Practice where I work with clients with a whole wide range of issues including depression, addiction, phobias and sexual trauma.