1st Session


Your 1st session can feel a little daunting. You may feel uncertain about what to expect. This initial session is a exploration as to whether counselling is appropriate for you at this time. It also enables you to meet me and to decide whether you feel that I can be of help to you.

During this session I will invite you to explore some of the areas that you would like to bring to counselling. I will listen and help you to go deeper into these areas. I will also talk through some of the practicalities such as confidentiality, appointment scheduling and timings, fees and review sessions.

This is also the opportunity for you to ask any questions.

What we discuss within the initial consultation meeting is called "˜contracting". This is where we make a contract for the counselling to take place. This contract also describes the service that I provide to you and outlines the ethics, legal and confidentiality boundaries that I work within.

If you decide to do the counselling we will contract for a further 10 sessions. In the 1st session I am really happy to explore your needs and it is ok for you to choose not to continue working with me.

Please call meon 0117 902 2036 to arrange your 1st initial appointment with me.